Here are some of what MyExam Community stands for

  1. We want to use technology to improve our academics
  2. We want to reduce stress of looking for venues to have group discussion or setting up tutorial by placing the venue in the palm of everyone.
  3. We are a community of smart students. We collaborate together. Generate questions, answer questions, get easier ways to solve it and get better at it
  4. There is no segregation of age, sex, status here. We are all students. We want to learn and be great at it.
  5. We believe with this type of community, Nigeria education system can rise again

How can I help this project

A tree can not make a forest. So we need your help to diligently make use of the platform very well and invite your friends to the platform while advising them to use the platform to improve there academic performance

Our Social links

You can follow MyExam on the following social media

Think we can do better?

We are not anonymous, you can message us via [email protected] or call/SMS/whatsapp 07058850754



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