MyExam seeks to alleviate frustrations and mass failure from Nigeria public exams by providing a platform where students can collaborately discuss on exams and practice past questions.

Confidence is one major key MyExam instills in students preparing for any exam.

Test taking in Nigeria has become a mayhem every Nigerian student must pass through. It has resulted in many depressed minds, change of career, uncertain future and even suicide attempts. Statistics have shown that successes in exams are beyond reading but rather practicing past questions in a way that resembles the original way the text will be offered. There are several cases of suicide amidst students that took this 2017 UTME exam and fail after having read so well. has also spread it wings to other major exams in Nigeria and to courses offered in our higher institutions. is growing day by day with lot of students joining the platform and making good use of it to improve their exam results legitimately.

Joining myexam is FREE and will forever be! We are keen at seeing the success of students and the exploits they will make in real life.

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