Exams are hard. I hate Exams. I wish I don’t have to write these exams.

The wait is over!

MyExam.com.ng is here to take away your fear of exams and help you pass your exams with ease.

Every body can relate with the fact that exams are hard and scary.

MyExam stands to transform test-taking in Nigeria through its on-demand, realistic, computer-based test preparation services designed for the many students who sit for national entrance exams each year and every other exam in Nigeria public schools.

Every year, 1.85 million Nigerian students take the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and every year mass failure and frustration with the exam dominate headlines. A key reason students are unsuccessful is lack of access to realistic test practice and preparation. The UTMEs are administered in public test centers on computer, but most test preparation materials provided by schools are in book and paper form. While large tutorial centers for the exam exist, they are largely unaffordable or inconvenient for students to utilize their services.

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MyExam is the only service in Nigeria that provides at-home, realistic exam simulations to help Nigerian students succeed and gain admission to tertiary institutions. By providing opportunities to practice grappling with a variety of questions that have appeared on the UTME and within a realistic computerized format, MyExam improves test scores, increases student familiarity with the exam format, and reduces student frustration. The service is affordable and available on-demand at any time online. Users don’t need to download any software or leave their homes. MyExam is also providing test prep for other certification exams, which are often required milestones for career advancement.

Within a few weeks of MyExam’s first release, more than 1,000 students registered to use the platform, with very little marketing. Several schools have inquired about installing computers for their students so that they can use MyExam. Universities and large tutorial centers in the country have also given feedback and told MyExam that its solution was very valuable. MyExam is also proud of the many positive testimonials given by its users about the service.

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