Do you think you’re stunning enough to grace our homepage? Are you a great member of MyExam Community?

Then join the contest for the face of the month.

This contest is open to all members of MyExam Community and the winner will be announced on Wed. 20th Sept., 2017

Note: You need to have a nice profile on MyExam Community to pull more votes.

The winner will be going with a cash prize and a public profile displayed on our homepage for a month.

To vote, visit the public profile page of any of your friend or search for him via the search box after logged in. On his/her prfile page, you will see the vote button and the number of votes he/she has pulled.

If you’re contesting, you should share your profile link with your friends on whatsapp, facebook, twitter, group discussions and friends to vote for you.

Note: You are to abide by the instructions on the vote page here unless you will be disqualified.

The vote display page will only show the top 5 profile receiving votes. Check it out here

Start voting now!



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